Augmented Data Management: Its Importance and How it Transforms an Enterprise

  • According to a survey, data scientists spend 80% of their time in manual data preparation. ADM automates routine tasks such as cleaning, profiling, labeling, classification, and tagging. This enables insights to be derived from an organization’s data at an impressive scale.
  • Enterprise leverage advanced analytics techniques such as anomaly detection and correction, imputation of missing data, etc. instead of statistical profiling which creates inconsistencies in data. This will enhance data quality and empower faster, more scalable, and better business decisions.
  • Metadata management involves managing data lineage. If not managed properly, silos of inconsistent metadata will be created in an enterprise providing conflicting information and users will not be able to trust the data. By automating the metadata management process like data cleaning, integration, and attribute matching the data lineage is fully traceable and gives a clear picture of the information contained within the data, the purpose it serves within the organization, and improves data governance. So, ADM converts metadata to a “powerful dynamic system”.
  • ADM automates some of the data professional’s routine manual tasks such as database performance tuning, hardware configuration, and optimization, and other database administration jobs that are computationally intensive and iterative. This reduces errors on deployments, improves reliability, and increases the speed of implementing changes.
  • When data is integrated from multiple sources, inconsistencies in the data occur because of statistical methods based on data matched on names and attributes. By automating this process, more accurate suggestions are made during data mapping and empowering the team to add more data sources highly confident that quality will not be compromised.
  • ADM utilizes ML tools or AI intelligence bots to present smart recommendations but still relies on human skills to make decisions.




Leading #telecom #analytics solutions provider, enabling a #digital future for global #Telcos!

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Leading #telecom #analytics solutions provider, enabling a #digital future for global #Telcos!

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