Building trust in your wholesale business — moving beyond plugging leakages

  1. Be equally responsible for fraud: The wholesale service providers should monitor the traffic keeping in mid their telco partners and treat fraud as common problems to build trust in this partnership.
  2. Maintain a risk matrix: Maintain a risk control matrix, including traditional and non-traditional risks, and have a mitigation plan to reduce the impact of fraud on telco revenues.
  3. Dispute management: Though telcos remain liable for the traffic sent but to handle the disputes, wholesalers need to keep track of the deadlines and timeframes for the commercial terms of the agreement to avoid conflicts and ensure timely payments.
  4. Share Information with Telco Partners: Fraudulent data can be interchanged between Wholesalers and Telcos. This information can help to bar B party fraudulent ranges and also highlight the A numbers dialing the fraudulent traffic to telco partners. Telcos can either block the services or handle blocking requests from retail customers and apply a monetary threshold for barring.
  5. Use advanced data analytics: In a few cases, individualcall detail records (CDRs) may look normal. However, in aggregate with complex statistical analysis and leveraging machine learning on training data, wholesalers can detect anomalies and uncover both known knowns and Unknown unknowns.




Leading #telecom #analytics solutions provider, enabling a #digital future for global #Telcos!

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Leading #telecom #analytics solutions provider, enabling a #digital future for global #Telcos!

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