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What are the advantages of Microservices architecture?

1.Development Agility: As large complex software applications are decomposed to a number of small microservices, each microservice can be developed by small “ one-pizza” or “ two-pizza” teams independently. The teams can plan, build, deploy and maintain their microservices independently as long as the service boundaries are well-defined, and no breach of contract is ensured. The teams become more responsive to changes.

What are the limitations of Microservices architecture?

If not designed carefully, microservices architecture also can become complex. Hence, certain design principles and practices must be considered.

Microservices architecture and Agile software development have a lot in common.

Just as microservice architecture is frequently defined in contrast to monolithic architecture, the agile software development approach removes the overhead and risk of large-scale software development by using smaller work increments, frequent iterations, and prototyping as a means of collaboration with users.



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